1 Alexander technique constructive rest: how to feel great in 7 minutes

3 January 2021

Alexander Technique Teacher Pete Robinson

Written by Pete Robinson mSTAT

Constructive rest or semi-supine is a simple, quick, effective way of restoring the body’s natural alignment, reducing harmful tension and improving body awareness. Anyone who is interested in improving their posture, reducing aches and pains in the body and feeling less stressed and more present will find it useful.

"We aren't trying to totally relax our muscles but bring balance and liveliness back to our bodies and minds."

In this video, I will explain how to use constructive rest and why it’s so effective.

I will then give you a guided Alexander Technique ‘Talk through’ which will help you maximise the benefit from the procedure. If you’d like an MP3 recording of the ‘talk through’ so you can use it separately from the video, You’ll find a link in the comments section on Youtube.