Alexander Technique Exercise | Reset Your Arms, Shoulders, Neck & Back

7 August 2021

Alexander Technique Teacher Pete Robinson

Written by Pete Robinson mSTAT

Alexander Technique works by improving your awareness of your whole self and learning to stop poor habits in your posture and movements.

In this video, I’m going to guide you through a simple Alexander Technique exercise which can help you to reset your arms, shoulders, neck & back

It’s a great way to recover from too much desk work or playing musical instruments.

This exercise is a simple movement that you can use to improve awareness of your whole self and break habits of compressing and fixing yourself.

I’ve used this exercise myself a lot and have also found it really effective with my AT students.

I’ll demonstrate the exercise really slowly, explaining each step so you can follow along.

As with all AT exercises, we are developing thinking and awareness skills so the more you practice it, the better you will get at it.

Stand in balance with your feet under your hip joints and your head, neck and back in good alignment.

If you are unsure about standing posture then check out the video linked above first.

Now, decide to leave your neck released so that your head is freely balanced.

Let all your weight drop through your feet and into the floor. Don’t hold weight in any of your muscles or joints

Allow yourself to expand upwards and outwards as you let the ground really support you

And decide not to compress, tighten or fix yourself into a posture

Next, let your elbows release away from your ribs a little

allow your ribcage to expand

keep your shoulders soft and released

and slowly let your elbows move out to the side

and your hands rotate so that the palms are facing away from you

Now, we’ll send some AT directions

firstly remind your neck to be free so that your your head is able to lengthen up away from your feet

Let your whole back lengthen and widen

Send each elbow away from the other

allowing your chest and upper back to expand and come into better balance

Notice the ground pushing up under your feet and decide to leave the ankles, knees and hips released.

Really pay attention to your whole self and maintain the decision to expand and release throughout the body.

Now, slowly let your hands come back down to your sides while you keep sending your head upwards

reminding your neck to stay free and the whole back lengthening and widening

Notice what’s going on in your body. have you stiffened up anywhere, can you feel any more freedom or expansion in the body

Do the hands and arms feel different?

If you noticed anything negative such as the shoulders raising or the legs locking then repeat the exercise while you add on an extra thought about the problem area

It’s a process of improving awareness and consciously sending a clear message to yourself that you expect good balance and no unnecessary tension or compression in the body.

Try it for a few days and see if it works for you. If you find it too difficult then try to work through some of the other videos on this channel first or if you get the chance, have a lesson with a qualified teacher.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or comments

and I hope to see you again soon

Bye for now