1 Simple Alexander Technique Tip to improve your posture

23 November 2020

Alexander Technique Teacher Pete Robinson

Written by Pete Robinson mSTAT

I’m often asked by people for advice about how to improve their posture quickly.  In this video, I share one of my top tips!  Have a watch, try it out and let me know if it works for you!

The Alexander Technique is unique in that it addresses the underlying habits in movement, posture and tension that we have built up through our lives.

As young children, our balance and coordination develops naturally as it would with the young of any other species but something seems to go wrong as we get older.  AT school, we begin to prioritise the activities and tasks which we are engaged with over using our bodies in the way that they were designed.  Excessive tension, fixed postures, poor alignment and loss of balance begin to be associated with ‘trying to do’ things.  Add on to this the stress and psychological pressures of modern life and many of us enter adulthood with the beginnings of back and neck problems amongst other issues.

The Alexander technique helps us to restore the natural poise and balance that has been lost and the result is better postures, movements, performance and a reduction in discomfort, pain and injuries.