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Hi, I’m Pete Robinson, Welcome to Movement and Posture!

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Practical Introduction to the Alexander Technique

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I create effective, inspiring, Online Alexander Technique Videos and Courses to help people get the benefits of learning the Alexander Technique.

If you are interested in improving your Posture, Movements, Balance or Performance or freeing yourself from Tension, Discomfort or Pain then you are in the right place.  Have a look around and get in touch if you have any questions.

I also teach from my studio in Manchester, UK.  If you are interested in booking lessons (Online or in-person), then visit my teaching site:

The lessons have helped me to improve my posture and performance. They have been extremely useful and I recommend them to everyone.
Hugh Lawrence Alexander Alexander Technique Endorsement
Hugh Lawrence

Online Courses

Youtube Channel Link

Youtube Channel

Check out the growing library of free Alexander Technique Lessons on my Youtube Channel

intro course

Practical Introduction Course

This course is designed for beginners to give a practical introduction to the Alexander Technique and the benefits it can bring to your posture, movements, health and performance.
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Premium Course

Premium courses are currently in development. Please join the mailing list to keep up with news or to request features for future courses.

Why Alexander

The Alexander technique has been helping people improve their health, posture and performance for over 126 years.

It’s effectiveness has been proven in clinical trials.

It is a skill that anyone can learn to use regardless of their age, health and experience.

The technique works by undoing your harmful habits and restoring natural coordination and balance.

Why Study

Although having lessons face-to-face with a qualified teacher is a fantastic way to learn, many people choose to study online for a variety of reasons:

  • Study at your own pace –  Repeat and review lesson material as often as you need
  • Cost effective – online courses cost much less than a series of individual lessons.
  • Convenience – study in your own home whenever it suits you
  • Why Choose

    Our courses are designed to be practical and effective.  The material has all been tried and tested over years of teaching experience with a huge range of students.

    Course structure is flexible and the lessons can be completed at beginner, intermediate or advanced level.

    Try before you buy!  We have a growing library of mini lessons on Youtube so you can try Pete’s teaching approach.

    Pete Robinson Movement and Posture Alexander Technique Teacher

    About Pete

    Pete qualified as an Alexander Technique Teacher in 2007 and has taught privately, given workshops and masterclasses and currently is on the staff at the Royal Northern College of Music.

    Pete has a background in music and continues to have a career as a performer and music educator.  He is also a qualified lecturer and has taught music and Alexander Technique in colleges and universities.

    Pete was drawn to the Alexander Technique to help with health problems that he was experiencing in his work as a musician and in his day to day life.  He found the technique so useful that he decide to train to become a teacher.  He completed a 3 year full-time training course in Manchester, UK run by Malcolm Williamson, one of the most experienced Alexander Teachers in the UK.

    Pete has always had an interest in online learning and has a passion for spreading the benefits that the Alexander Technique brings to people to a wider audience.

    Recent Articles and Videos

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    Arm Raise Alexander Technique

    This Alexander Technique video guides you through a simple arm raise exercise. This is one of my favourite Alexander Technique exercises as it can help you discover and overcome so many different habits in the way you use your arms and shoulders. As you get more skilled at this exercise, you will find that your shoulders become more free and your arms become lighter and more mobile. It's been really helpful for me and many of my Alexander Technique students to improve shoulders and arms so I hope you find it useful too!

    Alexander Technique Rounded Shoulders

    Rounded shoulders are a common problem but it's never too late to fix them. The Alexander Technique approach enables you to permanently fix the problem by getting rid of the bad habits that are causing it..

    forward head posture Alexander Technique

    One of the most frequent problems that people come to AT teachers with is Forward Head posture and the associated discomfort and pain in the neck, shoulders and back So in this video, I'll take you through an Alexander Technique approach which will help you break the poor habits and restore a more natural posture.

    Alexander Technique Exercise

    In this video, I'm going to guide you through a simple Alexander Technique exercise which can help you to reset your arms, shoulders, neck & back

    Kind words from past and current students

    I couldn't find a local Alexander Technique Teacher so was so happy to find such great material online. Many Thanks!
    Zhao Wenzhong Alexander Technique Endorsement
    Zhao Wenzhong
    My Posture has improved hugely and I feel more comfortable sitting, standing and working
    Annette Woods Alexander Technique Endorsement
    Nette Woods
    The Youtube videos are full of useful advice and the premium course is amazing value
    Stefan Alexander Alexander Technique Endorsement
    Project Manager
    The course taught me how to relax, improve my posture and be free from pain
    Andrea Giehl Alexander Technique Endorsement
    Andrea Giehl
    The videos give really useful training that can be applied at work to impove posture and relieve discomfort.
    Movement and Posture Alexander Technique Favicon
    Simon Jones
    HR Consultant
    The lessons are practical and really useful for improving posture and getting rid of pain and discomfort.
    Melina Alexander Alexander Technique Endorsement
    Malene Lauritsen
    Alexander Technique has been really useful at work and when performing
    Rosie Douglas Alexander Alexander Technique Endorsement
    Rosie Douglas
    Vocalist/Music Teacher
    Great videos and courses. Wish this had been available years ago.
    Mel Howard Alexander Alexander Technique Endorsement
    Mel Howard
    Civil Engineer
    Clear instructions and loads of useful information
    Ollie Collins Alexander Alexander Technique Endorsement
    Ollie Collins
    University Lecturer

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